Biggs Story EP.308: โดนปรับเพราะชมนายกหล่อ


Russian woman fined for calling Zelensky ‘handsome’

A Russian woman has been fined about 13,000 baht for saying Ukrainian president Zelensky was handsome.

Police charged her with ‘discrediting the Russian military’ for calling him a ‘handsome young man’.

Russia is currently in a war with Ukraine.

The court hearing, in the Russian capital of Moscow, only lasted five minutes.

The woman, known as Mrs Slegina, made the comment while talking to a Ukrainian woman in a restaurant.

Three days later she was arrested by police, who said three people had reported her comments.

It’s believed Mrs Slegina intends to appeal her fine.


handsome = หล่อ

fine (v) = ถูกปรับ

charge (v) = ตั้งข้อหา

military = ทหาร

discredit = ทำให้เสียชื่อเสียง

war = สงคราม

court = ศาล

arrest = จับกุม

appeal = อุทธรณ์


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