Biggs Story EP.313: ชายผู้ไปเยือนทุกประเทศในโลก


“Man visits every country in the world”

A California man reached his decade-long goal of visiting every country in the world after taking a tour of Turkmenistan.

San Diego resident Randy Williams landed in Turkmenistan last week, a destination that was long-delayed when the nation was closed to visitors for four years.

That trip meant Williams, a radio DJ, has visited all 193 countries on the world map after a decade of travelling.

He also made stops in disputed territories including Kosovo, Western Sahara and Taiwan.

Williams is already at work on his next project — he wants to create his own country.

“I bought 11 acres near the sea, and I’m calling it Slowjamistan,” he said.


decade = สิบปี

goal = เป้าหมาย

visit = เยี่ยม

visitor = ผู้มาเยี่ยม

country = ประเทศ

world = โลก

map = แผนที่

reach = บรรลุ

destination = จุดหมายปลายทาง

territory = อาณาเขต

dispute = ข้อพิพาท


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