Biggs Story EP.319: โจรขโมยคัพเค้ก!


“Thief steals six cupcakes, cleans up”

A man broke into a bakery in Canada early Friday morning and stole a box of cupcakes.

It was so strange that even the owner of Sweet Something in Vancouver admitted it’s “one of the best laughs” she’s ever had.

CCTV footage captured the theft from the moment it started at around 3 am.

The thief kicked in the glass window then got to work cleaning up the mess in the bakery.

‘He walked around, used our bathroom, sat down for quite a long time and had a drink of water,’ said owner Emma Irvine.

He left with a box of six cupcakes.

‘Honestly, I think he really wanted cupcakes. Maybe they are that good,’ said Emma.


bakery = ร้านเบเกอรี่

cupcake = คัพเค้ก

thief = โจร

theft (n) = การลักขโมย

steal = ขโมย

clean up = ทำความสะอาด

kick = เตะ

break into = บุกเข้าไป

strange = แปลก

admit = ยอมรับ


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่