Biggs Story EP.320: พี่เข้ข้ามถนน ทำรถติดเป็นชั่วโมง!


“Alligator causes traffic jam”

A large alligator was seen crossing a busy highway in Florida, causing a traffic jam for travelers.

The 3-metre-long alligator made its way onto a busy highway in Key Largo, Florida, causing a traffic backup lasting more than an hour.

Police closed the road while wildlife control managed to capture the creature with ropes and poles.

It’s not the first alligator incident in Florida in recent history.

Just weeks ago, a three-metre-long alligator was spotted just outside a primary school in Jacksonville, Florida.

In mid-May, a four-metre alligator attacked a dog in a local park in Oviedo, Florida, as well.


alligator = จระเข้

traffic jam = รถติด

cross = ข้าม

cause = สาเหตุ

spot (v) = พบเห็น

primary school = โรงเรียนประถม

attack = โจมตี

traveler = นักท่องเที่ยว

capture = จับ

creature = สัตว์มีชีวิต

ropes = เชือก

poles = ไม้ยาว

incident = เหตุการณ์


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