Biggs Story EP.328: สะสม “ดินสอ” ตั้งแต่เด็ก ได้มากกว่า 70,000 แท่ง


“Man collects 70,000 pencils”

An Iowa man who says he loves collecting pencils may have just broken a world record.

Aaron Bartholmey of Colfax has been collecting wooden business pencils since he was a child. 

Now, he claims to own more than 70,000. 

That’s much more than the Guinness World Record for the largest pencil collection — 24,000, held by Emilio Arenas from Uruguay since 2020.

Most of his treasured pencils are from businesses in his hometown.

Last weekend, two officials started counting the number of pencils in his collection. 

He may have to wait three months for Guinness to confirm that he has broken the record.



pencil = ดินสอ

collect = สะสม

wooden = ทำด้วยไม้

treasured = มีค่ามาก

hometown = บ้านเกิด

counting = การนับ

claim = อ้าง


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