Biggs Story EP.329: จับงู 6 เมตร ยาวทำลายสถิติ!


“Man catches 6-metre-long snake”

A Burmese python — the longest ever recorded — was caught by local hunters in South Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve this week. 

It was caught on Monday by 22-year-old Jake Waleri. Officials measured the snake at 5.79 metres long and 57 kilograms, and said it set a new world record for length.

A video of Waleri’s record-breaking catch on Instagram shows the python lunging at Waleri as he pulls the snake onto the road by its tail.

Waleri and the snake wrestled on the ground until others joined in to help peel the snake off the hunter.

Florida officials say Burmese pythons are one of the biggest snakes in the world, and they eat Florida’s wildlife, from rabbits and house pets to foxes and deer. 



snake = งู

metre = เมตร

measure = การวัด

caught (v.2) = จับ

hunter = นักล่า

python = งูหลาม

length = ความยาว

lunge = ทิ่ม, แทง, พุ่งใส่

wrestle = ต่อสู้

peel = ปอก, เลาะ


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