Biggs Story EP.331: “ฉันเหงา” ถูกจับหลังโทรหาฉุกเฉิน 2,700 ครั้ง!


“Woman calls police more than 2,700 times”

Police have arrested a Japanese woman who made 2,761 false emergency calls over nearly three years. 

Police arrested Niroko Hatagami, 51, of Matsudo, on Thursday.

She admitted to making calls because she said she felt “lonely and wanted someone to listen, and give me attention.”

She complained to police of stomach aches, drug overdoses, aching legs, and other symptoms. 

When local services arrived, she would repeatedly refuse medical help, and deny making the calls. 



arrest = จับกุม

make call  = โทรออก

emergency = ฉุกเฉิน

false = เท็จ, ปลอม

admit = สารภาพ

lonely = เหงา

complained  = บ่น

stomach aches = ปวดท้อง

drug overdoses = ทานยามากเกินไป

aching legs = ปวดขา

symptoms = อาการ


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