Biggs Story EP.332: กอริลลาตัวผู้ …มีลูก?


“Male gorilla has a baby”

Zookeepers were taken aback when a gorilla they believed to be male gave birth this week. 

Eight-year-old Sully, who has lived at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio since 2019, delivered her baby on Thursday. 

Staff at the zoo say Sully has always been in good physical health and never needed an examination — which is why they never knew “he” was a “she”. 

They said that until about eight, males and females are about the same size, and they don’t have prominent sex organs. 

They were confident the new arrival was female for sure. 



gorilla = กอริลลา

zoo = สวนสัตว์

zookeeper = เจ้าหน้าที่สวนสัตว์

deliver (vt.), give birth = คลอดลูก

taken aback = อึ้ง, ตกใจ

physical = ทางร่างกาย

health = สุขภาพ

examination = การตรวจร่างกาย

prominent  = โดดเด่น

sex organ = อวัยวะเพศ

confident  = มั่นใจ


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