Biggs Story EP.334: ขอหย่ากับผี!


“Woman divorces ghost”

A British singer who married what she claims was the ghost of a Victorian soldier now says they are divorced.

Brocarde said she first met “devilishly handsome” Edwardo when he came into her bedroom one night.

The 40-year-old, from Oxfordshire, said long-haired Edwardo immediately announced his love for her.

Their love affair hit the headlines when Brocarde married the ghost in a chapel on Halloween in 2022.

However, shortly after they married, Brocarde said she was angry that her husband got too drunk on their honeymoon.

Last week she announced she has divorced the ghost.

She said besides being drunk, Edwardo was fascinated with Marilyn Monroe, which led to her feeling jealous.



ghost = ผี

soldier = ทหาร

divorce = หย่า

handsome = หล่อ

devilishly handsome = หล่อขั้นเทพ

immediately = ทันทีทันใด

announce = ประกาศ

love affair = เรื่องรักๆ ใคร่ๆ

hit the headlines = พาดหัวข่าว

chapel = โบสถ์

fascinate = เคลิบเคลิ้ม, หลงใหล

jealous = อิจฉา


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