Biggs Story EP.337: ระทึก! “หมีหลุด” ทำเครื่องบินดีเลย์


“Bear delays flight”

Passengers on an Iraqi Airlines flight were delayed after a bear escaped from the cargo hold.

The animal got out of its crate just as the plane was about to depart from Dubai International Airport on Friday.

It was headed to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad but the arrival time was pushed back an hour, after travellers were asked to disembark while the bear was dealt with.

The aircraft crew worked with authorities and specialists in the United Arab Emirates to sedate the animal and remove it from the plane.

Iraq’s prime minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani has ordered an investigation into how the bear escaped.



bear = หมี

flight = เที่ยวบิน

passenger = ผู้โดยสาร

delay = ล่าช้า

cargo hold = ห้องเก็บสินค้า

crate = ลัง

depart = ออกเดินทาง

arrive = มาถึง

disembark = ออกจากพาหนะ

escape = หนี

aircraft crew = ลูกเรือของเครื่องบิน

sedate = สงบ

investigation = การสืบสวน


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