Biggs Story EP.338: ซื้อหวยครั้งแรก …รวยเละ! 


“Man tries lottery for the first time — and wins 1.4 million baht”

A Maryland man decided to give the lottery a try for the first time in his life — and won $40,044.

The 22-year-old Parkville man said he and a friend were watching the Racetrax virtual horse racing game when he asked his friend to show him how the game works.

He said he picked three horses randomly. He was shocked when he scanned his ticket and saw how much he had won.

“The prize on the screen was $40,044,” he said.

The winner said his prize money will help him pay off his student loans and take care of other expenses while searching for a career.



try = ลอง

first time = ครั้งแรก

win = ถูกหวย

virtual = เสมือน (ภาพบนจอ)

horse racing = การแข่งม้า

pick = เลือก

randomly = สุ่ม

prize = รางวัล

loan = เงินกู้

expense = ค่าใช้จ่าย


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