Biggs Story EP.340: นักบินเดินทางข้ามทวีปเพื่อส่งคืนตุ๊กตาที่หายไป


Pilot returns doll”

A pilot came to the rescue of a doll accidentally left behind at a Tokyo airport by a 9-year-old Texas girl.

Rudy and Celeste Dominguez discovered after returning to the United States from their trip to Indonesia that their daughter, Valentina, was missing her doll, Beatrice. 

The doll was last seen on a plane in Tokyo, where the family had a stopover on their flight.

The parents posted about the lost doll on Facebook, and the post came to the attention of a pilot, James Danen, who contacted Tokyo airport and was able to locate Beatrice. 

Danen delivered the doll to the girl in person this week.

“I felt over the moon,” Valentina said. “I knew Beatrice was gonna be mad at me but I was happy that I could see her again.”



doll = ตุ๊กตา

pilot = นักบิน

leave behind = ลืมไว

accidentally = โดยบังเอิญ

stopover = หยุดพักระหว่างทาง

airport = สนามบิน

airplane = เครื่องบิน

 rescue = ช่วยเหลือ

 locate = ค้นหา


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