Biggs Story EP.341: กรุณาอย่าถ่ายภาพโป๊!


“No naked pics, please”

A family farm in the UK has decided to deter visitors from stripping off in their sunflower fields.

Sam’s Sunflowers now has new signs which read: “No Public Nudity.”

The owners say people like to strip off and take naked pictures among the sunflowers. 

They then post the pics to Instagram.

Farm owner Sam Wilson said there were four naked photoshoots over a period of a week recently – three of which were on the same day.

So, he decided to put up stern signs around the farm.

The signs have worked. 

“We have had a busy week and people have been very respectful of our plea for no public nudity,” he said.



sunflower = ดอกทานตะวัน

field = ทุ่ง

nudity = การเปลือยกาย

public = สาธารณะ

sign = ป้าย

strip off = แก้ผ้า

naked = เปลือย

photoshoot = การถ่ายภาพ

deter = ยับยั้ง

stern = ดุดัน

plea = คำขอร้อง


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