Bigg Story EP.344: ดูหนังทำลายสถิติ! 777 รอบ ใน 1 ปี


“Man watches 777 movies in a year”

A Pennsylvania man earned a Guinness World Record by going to the movies 777 times in a one-year period.

Zach Swope, 32, started with a screening of Minions: Rise of Gru in July 2022 and completed his record attempt with a showing of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny one year later.

Swope broke the record of 715, set by French cinephile Vincent Krohn in 2018.

The movie fan said he would see up to three movies after work on weekdays and during the weekend.

Swope said the movie he saw the most times was Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, with 47 viewings.

His favorite film of the year was Across the Spider-Verse and his least favorite was The Devil Conspiracy.



movie, film = ภาพยนตร์

favorite = โปรดปรานมากที่สุด

break the record = ทำลายสถิติ

screen = จอ

screening = รอบฉาย

period = ช่วงเวลา

weekdays = วันธรรมดา

weekend = สุดสัปดาห์

cinephile = คนชอบดูหนัง


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