Biggs Story EP.348: ภาพวาดจากร้านมือสอง ขายได้ 7 ล้านบาท!


‘Cheap’ painting is worth 7 million baht

A painting purchased from a thrift store for $4 was auctioned for $191,000 when it turned out to be a long-lost work by N.C. Wyeth.

The picture, titled Ramona, was painted in 1939 and it shows an orphaned young woman fighting with her foster mother.

A woman said she bought the painting from her local Savers thrift store for $4 and it spent some time on her wall before going into a closet.

She discovered the painting’s true identity after she posted a photo of it on Facebook.

The woman decided to have the painting auctioned after its identity was verified. It fetched a price of $191,000 or nearly seven million baht.

How the painting ended up in a thrift store remains a mystery.


paint (v) = วาดรูป

painting = ภาพวาด

painter = จิตรกร

picture = วาดภาพ

thrift store = ร้านขายของมือสอง

purchase = ซื้อ

auction = ประมูล

mystery = ความลึกลับ

remains a mystery = ยังคงเป็นปริศนา

orphaned = เด็กกำพร้า

foster mother = แม่เลี้ยง


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