Biggs Story EP.349: การแข่งขันตามหา “คนขี้เกียจที่สุด” ที่มอนเตเนโกร


“Search for laziest person”

Seven competitors lying down on mats are vying for the title of “Laziest Citizen” in a holiday resort in northern Montenegro.

The competition has entered its 20th day on Thursday in Brezna.

The contest started 12 years ago to mock a popular myth that says Montenegrins are lazy.

The seven remaining contestants from a starting field of 21 had been lying down for 463 hours so far.

Any contestant who sits or stands is immediately out, but contestants are allowed to have 10 minutes every eight hours to go to the toilet.

The winner gets a cash prize of around 40,000 baht.


lazy = ขี้เกียจ

laziest = ขี้เกียจที่สุด

citizen = พลเมือง

competition,  contest = การแข่งขัน

competitor, contestant = ผู้เข้าแข่งขัน

vie = แข่งขัน

mock = ล้อเลียน

myth = ตำนาน, ความเชื่อ


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