Biggs Story EP.352: ไก่งวงเพื่อนรัก


Animal lover Dave Brooker says his two-year-old pet turkey named T2 is like a child to him and goes with him everywhere.

He’s certainly attracted some stares from locals in Maidstone, Kent when they spot T2 in the passenger seat of his car.

Dave, 56, even takes her to the pub with him and they can often be found sitting together, sharing a packet of chips.

He’s also stopped eating turkey for Christmas dinner since taking T2 on as a pet.

‘She’s like my child,’ Dave admitted. ‘There’s a mutual bond. She’s good company and entertaining – sometimes I even think she’s part human.’

Mr Brooker added that his bond with T2 is as important as dogs and their owners, saying: ‘Some people might find it very strange, but some people have 70 cats.”


turkey = ไก่งวง

named = ชื่อของสิ่งหรือคนนั้น

animal lover = คนรักสัตว์

stare = จ้องมอง

local = ท้องถิ่น

passenger = ผู้โดยสาร

pub = ผับ

certainly = แน่นอน

admit = ยอมรับ

mutual bond = ความผูกพันซึ่งกันและกัน

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