Biggs Story EP.357: “มนุษย์เปลือยเท้า” ไม่สวมรองเท้ามา 15 ปี!


“Man hasn’t worn shoes for 15 years”

An American man who hasn’t worn shoes for 15 years says he will never go back.

Robin Greenfield, 37, said he was inspired to say goodbye to shoes after he met a shoeless man on a university trip to New Zealand in 2008.

He said he was intrigued by the person’s decision and started copying him to see what it was like.

After being attracted by the “natural draw” he decided to continue going barefoot and hasn’t stopped since then.

He explained that he sometimes gets pieces of glass or thorns stuck in his foot and that the worst places to walk barefoot are in city alleyways.

“I went to a festival last weekend where there were 5,000 people. I didn’t see a single other person that was barefoot, and I had hundreds of people looking at my feet,” he said.


foot (n) เท้า

shoe (n) รองเท้า

wear (vt) สวมใส่

intrigued (vt) ทึ่งและอยากรู้

pieces of glass (n) เศษแก้ว

thorn (n) หนาม

inspired (adj) แรงบันดาลใจ

decision (n) การตัดสินใจ

barefoot (adj) เท้าเปล่า

alleyways (n) ตรอก


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