Biggs Story EP.359: ห้าม “เด็กซน” เข้าร้าน!


“Restaurant says ‘no’ to naughty children”

A restaurant in the US has decided to charge customers who cannot control their children.

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant’s menu says there will be an extra charge for diners whose children are unruly.

Already some diners have been charged.

Kyle Landmann said: “The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children’s behaviour.”

The owner told him his children were “being too loud” and “running around outside”.

The restaurant says it’s had this policy for years, and it’s sick of naughty children ruining the atmosphere.

“We just want to live in the woods and cook,” one employee said.



restaurant (n.) ร้านอาหาร

diner (n.) ผู้ที่มารับประทานอาหาร

customer (n.) ลูกค้า

behaviour (n.) พฤติกรรม

naughty (adj.) ซุกซน

loud (adj.) ดัง

ruin (vt.) ทำลาย

atmosphere (n.) บรรยากาศ


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