Biggs Story EP.364: เลือกนายกเทศมนตรีจากการโยนเหรียญ!


“Election decided by coin toss”

A coin flip on Friday decided who would become mayor of a North Carolina city after each candidate received the same amount of votes.

Robert Burns and Bob Yanacsek each received 970 votes in the race to become mayor of Monroe. 

The two had the right to seek a recount at a meeting last Friday, but instead, they decided to toss a coin.

Burns won the coin toss.

The two men shook hands and hugged briefly. 

Yanacsek asked his supporters not to be discouraged by the outcome.

“We didn’t lose the election. We lost a coin toss,” he said.


election (n.) การเลือก

coin (n.) เหรียญ

toss (vt.) โยน

heads (n.) หัว

tails (n.) ก้อย

coin toss, coin flip  (n.)(v.) โยนเหรียญ

mayor (n.) นายกเทศมนตรี

candidate (n.) ผู้สมัคร

vote (n.) คะแนน

race (n.) การแข่งขัน

recount (vt.) นับอีกครั้ง

discouraged (vt.) ทำให้หมดกำลังใจ

briefly (adv.) ชั่วครู่


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