Biggs Story EP.370: คำหัวเราะใหม่ในแชท “IJBOL”


“New online word for laughter”

Forget LOL and ROFL. There is a new way to say you’re laughing.

Online communication has changed over the last several decades with new phrases popping up every day.

There’s a new word for laughing. It’s IJBOL, which stands for ‘I just burst out laughing”, according to Similar to LOL, the slang is used to  laughter and delight.

The term was first used around the late 2000s to early 2010s, but it didn’t gain popularity until recent years, reports.

“IJBOL” was popularized around 2021, used primarily by younger media users on TikTok or X.


burst out laughing (idm.) ปล่อยก๊าก

laugh (vi.) หัวเราะ

laughter (n.) เสียงหัวเราะ

decade (n.) ทศวรรษ

several (adj.) มากกว่าสอง

phrase (n.) วลี

express (vt.) แสดงออก

delight (n.) ความพึงพอใจ

term (n.) คำศัพท์

popularize (vt.) เป็นที่นิยม


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