Biggs Story EP.386: ลูกโป่งมังกรทองใหญ่ที่สุดในโลก


“Dragon has 38,000 balloons”

A dragon sculpture made from approximately 38,000 balloons at a Hong Kong shopping mall was awarded a Guinness World Record.

Balloon artists Sze Tai “Wilson” Pang and Kun Lung Ho led more than 60 volunteers in constructing the sculpture.

The finished dragon measured 42 metres long, earning the Guinness World Record for the largest balloon sculpture of a dragon.

The sculpture was created as part of Chinese New Year celebrations and will remain in place until the end of February.


balloon (n.) ลูกโป่ง

dragon (n.) มังกร

sculpture (n.) ประติมากรรม

approximately (adv.) โดยประมาณ

volunteer (n.) อาสาสมัคร

construct (vt.) สร้าง

remain in place  อยู่กับที่


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