Biggs Story EP.387: มะนาวเก่าแก่ ลูกละ 64,000 บาท


“Lemon sells for 64,000 baht”

 A 285-year-old lemon found in the back of an old cabinet drawer was auctioned for $1,780 in England.

That’s the equivalent of 64,000 baht.

Auctioneers said a 19th century cabinet was brought to the auction house by a Shropshire family who said it had belonged to a deceased uncle.

A specialist was photographing the cabinet for sale when the lemon was discovered in the back of a drawer.

The fruit was inscribed with the message: “Given By Mr P Lu Franchini Nov 4 1739 to Miss E Baxter.”

The auction house decided to attempt to sell the aged lemon, and officials were shocked when it fetched a high bid of $1,780. 

The cabinet, meanwhile, sold for just $40.

lemon (n.) มะนาว

cabinet (n.) ชั้นหรือตู้วางของ

drawer (n.) ลิ้นชัก

auction (n.) การประมูล

auctioneer (n.) ผู้ขายทอดตลาด

deceased (adj.) มรณะ

equivalent (adj.) เท่ากับ

inscribed (adj.) ซึ่งสลักไว้

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