Biggs Story EP.390: บาทหลวงโดนจับ เพราะขายไวอากร้า


“Priest sells Viagra, gets arrested”

A Spanish priest has been arrested for illegally selling Viagra from his home.

Police arrested the suspect in a rectory in the town of Don Benito where he lived with another man.

The pair went to court on Tuesday and were quizzed by an investigating magistrate for more than four hours.

The priest, Alfonso Raul Masa Soto, was released on bail and has been ordered to sign on at a local court every fortnight.

Meanwhile, his unidentified partner was jailed pending an ongoing criminal investigation.

The arrests occurred on Monday after a weeks-long investigation.


priest (n.) บาทหลวง

law (n.) กฎหมาย

illegal (adj.) ผิดกฎหมาย

court (n.) ศาล

rectory (n.) บ้านพักบาทหลวง

magistrate (n.) ผู้พิพากษา

criminal (adj.) อาชญากรรม

investigation (n.) การสืบสวน

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