Biggs Story EP.392: 29 ก.พ เป็นเหตุ! ทำระบบเติมน้ำมันไม่ทำงาน 


“Gas pumps go down on leap year day”

Dozens of unattended gas stations across New Zealand were out of service for several hours due to a Leap Year-related software issue.

Gas station chains including Allied Petroleum, Gull, Z and Waitomo could not process card payments last Thursday because their computer systems did not recognise Feb. 29 as a valid date.

“Motorists have been turning up and unable to get fuel,” said Julien Leys, a spokesman for Gull New Zealand. “It’s been frustrating for our customers.”

Gas stations in New Zealand use technology from a company called Invenco. 

John Scott, chief executive of Invenco, said the company operates pumps in over 100 countries, but only New Zealand was affected by the issue.

He said the system was back online around 7 p.m. Thursday.


leap year ปีอธิกสุรทิน

gas station (n.) ปั๊มน้ำมัน

unattended (adj.) ไม่มีใครช่วยเหลือ (ทำเอง)

dozens (n.) หลายสิบ

out of service หยุดบริการ

issue ปัญหา

recognise (v.) จำได้, ยอมรับ

valid (adj.) แท้จริง, ถูกต้อง

 fuel  (n.) เชื้อเพลิง

 frustrating  (adj.) น่าอึดอัดใจ

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