Biggs Story EP.393: คุณยายอายุ 100 ปี ฉลองวันเกิดครบรอบ 25 ปี


“100-year old woman celebrates her 25th birthday”

An Oklahoma woman just celebrated her 25th birthday, even though she is really 100 years old.

Mary Lea Forsythe was born on February 29, 1924.

Because she was born in a leap year, she gets to celebrate her birthday once every four years.

“It’s very unusual,” said Mary, of Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

About 100 people attended her birthday party, including family and friends who flew in from all over the country.

“It was just fabulous,” Mary said. “People didn’t care if they were there to celebrate my 25th birthday or 100th. I was really grateful.”

Leap years happen when an extra day is added to the end of February, giving that year 366 days, instead of the standard 365. 


leap year ปีอธิกสุรทิน

celebrate (vt.) เฉลิมฉลอง

unusual (adj.) ประหลาด

attend (vt.) ร่วมงาน

fabulous (adj.) ดีเลิศ

grateful (adj.) ปลื้มปีติ

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