Biggs Story EP.396: นักบินหลับกลางอากาศ!


“Pilots fall asleep”

Two pilots fell asleep for almost 30 minutes during a passenger flight over Indonesia.

The incident occurred on 25 January this year on a Batik Air domestic flight.

Both pilots, a 28-year-old man and a 32-year-old man, fell asleep for around 28 minutes.

Earlier, with 153 passengers and four flight attendants on board, the 32-year-old told his co-pilot to take control of the plane, saying he needed to rest.

The younger co-pilot agreed, but during the flight inadvertently fell asleep as well, with both asleep for 390 kilometres.

When they woke up, they found the aircraft was not on the correct flight path but were able to land the plane at Jakarta safely.

The younger of the pilots had been struggling to sleep lately, after his wife gave birth to twins. 



pilot (n.) นักบิน

flight (n.) เที่ยวบิน

passenger (n.) ผู้โดยสาร

incident (n.) เหตุการณ์

occur (vi.) เกิดขึ้น

flight attendant (n.) พนักงานต้อนรับบนเครื่องบิน

inadvertently (adv.) โดยบังเอิญ

struggle (vi.) ดิ้นรน



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