Biggs Story EP.399:ถอดหนังสือโบราณในห้องสมุด เพราะปกทำจาก “ผิวหนังมนุษย์”


“Book removed from library”

Harvard University announced Wednesday that it removed the human skin binding from a gruesome book in its library. 

The book, called Destinies of the Soul, was published in the 1880s by French author Arsène Houssaye. 

The university explained that the owner of the book, Dr. Ludovic Bouland, bound the book with a deceased woman’s skin. She died in a hospital that he worked in, and did not consent to the binding.

Bouland was born in France in 1839. The identity of the woman and the year she died is unknown. 

Harvard Library has had the book in its collection since 1934, a year after Bouland died. 

The library said it removed the book to give dignity to the woman whose skin was used in the binding.


library (n.) ห้องสมุด

skin (n.) ผิวหนัง

human (n.) มนุษย์

binding (n.) การทำปกหนังสือ

gruesome (adj.) น่าสยดสยอง

deceased (adj.) ซึ่งตายแล้ว

identity (n.) อัตลักษณ์

dignity (n.) ความมีเกียรติ

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