Biggs Story EP.400: การแข่งขัน “พนักงานเสิร์ฟ” ที่เร็วที่สุดในปารีส


“Service staff race along the Paris streets”

More than 200 French waiters and waitresses competed in a strange race through the streets of Paris holding trays of food and drink.

Thousands of spectators watched Sunday’s “Course des Cafés,” the newly-revived version of a century-old race.

Waiters and waitresses traversed a 2-kilometre loop starting and ending at City Hall. 

They wore uniforms, aprons and in some cases, bow ties. They each carried a tray loaded with a croissant, a full water glass and an empty coffee cup.

The goal was to cross the finish line as quickly as possible without running, spilling or carrying the tray with two hands at the same time. 

This is an old French tradition but this year was the first time it was staged in 13 years.

The men’s winner finished in 13 minutes and 30 seconds, while the women’s winner finished in 14 minutes and 12 seconds.


waiter (n.) บริกร

compete, race  (vi.) แข่งขัน

strange (adj.) แปลก

tray (n.) ถาด

croissant (n.) ครัวซองต์

empty (adj.) ว่างเปล่า

apron (n.) ผ้ากันเปื้อน

bow tie (n.) โบว์หูกระต่าย

finish line (n.) เส้นชัย

spill (vi.) หก

spectator (n.) ผู้เข้าชม

revive (vi.) นำกลับ, ฟื้นฟู 

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