Biggs Story EP.408: ลูกสุนัข ขนสีเขียว


“Dog gives birth to green puppy”

A golden retriever puppy quickly became famous online when she was born green.

Carole DeBruler posted videos of the puppy, named Shamrock and the cute canine quickly developed a following.

Shamrock was born lime green, while the rest of her siblings were the normal golden color.

The phenomenon has been documented before, and isn’t limited to golden retrievers — a Nova Scotia couple’s bulldog puppy was born the same color in 2022.

Shamrock’s green color has started to fade, and she will likely be the breed’s normal yellow color within a few weeks.


dog (n.) หมา

canine (n.) สุนัข

puppy (n.) ลูกสุนัข

green (adj.) สีเขียว

famous (adj.) มีชื่อเสียง

sibling (n.) พี่น้อง

phenomenon (n.) ปรากฏการณ์

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