Biggs Story EP.409: ‘สัตว์ประหลาด’ ของเด็ก กลายเป็นผึ้ง


“Child’s ‘monster’ turns out to be bees”

Children often claim to have imaginary characters in their bedrooms, but for one little girl in England, it was no joke.

Ashley Class’s daughter complained of hearing monsters moving around in her bedroom walls, and she was unable to sleep.

Upon investigation, it turned out to be a huge swarm of bees living in her walls.

The bees spilled out as a hole was cut into the wall, revealing a massive colony of 50,000 bees.

Ashley described the situation as a “nightmare”.

Beekeepers removed 20,000 bees from the wall on the first day, including the queen bee.

Another 20,000 bees were removed from the walls on the second day along with 45 kg of honeycomb.

Beekeepers said the bees got into the wall through a tiny hole in the chimney.



bee (n.) ผึ้ง

swarm, colony (n.) ฝูง

beehive (n.)  รังผึ้ง

honeycomb (n.) รวงผึ้ง

complain (vi.) บ่น

monster (n.) สัตว์ประหลาด

wall (n.) ผนัง

nightmare (n.)  ฝันร้าย

investigation (n.) การสืบสวน

huge, massive (adj.) ใหญ่โต

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