Biggs Story EP.412: ปฏิบัติการจับลิงลพบุรี


“Lopburi starts trapping its monkeys”

Lopburi is taking steps to solve a problem that has troubled it for years — marauding monkeys.

Lopburi is famous for its monkeys, but in more recent years the monkeys have become more aggressive.

The local government decided it was time to reduce the population, which stands at around 2,500.

Around 30 of the simians have already been caught, lured by fruit.

The town’s mayor, Chamroen Salacheep, says the monkeys bring in visitors, but they are also bad for business.

Lopburi, he said, is almost an “abandoned town.”

After that they’ll transfer them to a series of huge holding pens, just outside the town center, while looking for a permanent home.


monkey, simian (n.) ลิง

marauding (adj.) เที่ยวขโมย

aggressive (adj.) ก้าวร้าว

reduce (vt.) ลดลง

abandoned town (n.) เมืองร้าง

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