Biggs Story EP.413: พิมพ์อักษรด้วย “จมูก” เร็วที่สุดในโลก


“Man types with nose”

An Indian man broke his own Guinness World Record by typing the alphabet in 25.66 seconds using his nose.

It’s the third time he’s broken the world record.

Vinod Chaudhary, 44, first set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to type the alphabet with the nose in 2023, when he logged a time of 27.8 seconds, and he broke the record again later in the year with a time of 26.73 seconds.

Chaudhary has now broken the record a second time, managing the feat in 25.66 seconds.

The rules say Chaudhary must type all 26 letters of the alphabet with a space between each letter.

Chaudhary also holds the records for the fastest time to type the alphabet backwards (single hand), with a time of 5.36 seconds, and the fastest time to type the alphabet with hands behind the back, at 6.78 seconds.

“My profession has been typing, that is why I thought of making a record in it,” he told Guinness World Records.


type (vt.) พิมพ์

alphabet (n.) ตัวอักษร

nose (n.) จมูก

broke the world record ทำลายสถิติโลก

second (n.) วินาที

backwards (adv.) ถอยหลัง

profession (n.) อาชีพ

feat  (n.) ความสำเร็จ

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