Biggs Story EP.414: รถติดเพราะสตรอว์เบอร์รี


“Jam creates jam”

Traffic on a pair of California highways turned into a jam when a truck loaded with strawberries overturned.

The California Highway Patrol said the overturned truck, carrying about 18,000 kilograms of fruit blocked the freeway in San Jose on Wednesday morning.

Ramps were closed as crews worked to lift the truck upright and remove the fallen barrels of strawberries.

No injuries were reported from the crash or ensuing traffic jams on both highways.

The ramps were reopened in the early afternoon Wednesday.


jam (n.) รถติด, แยม

strawberry (n.) สตรอว์เบอร์รี

truck (n.) รถบรรทุก

loaded (v.) บรรทุก

overturn (v.) พลิกคว่ำ

highway (n.) ทางหลวง

block (v.) กีดขวาง

ramp (n.) ทางลาด

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