Biggs Story EP.420: ไม่สายเกินไปที่จะเรียนรู้ จบปริญญาโทเมื่ออายุ 105 ปี


“Woman, 105, gets her degree”

A woman who left school during World War II finally received her master’s degree in education 83 years later at the age of 105.

Virginia “Ginger” Hislop earned her bachelor’s degree from the Stanford University School of Education in 1940.

She immediately started work on her master’s at what is now the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Hislop’s boyfriend, George Hislop, was called up to serve in World War II, leading the couple to get married and leave campus just before she would have turned in her final thesis to get her degree.

This week, Hislop returned to Stanford 83 years after leaving to accept her master’s degree at the age of 105.

“My goodness,” Hislop said. “I’ve waited a long time for this.”


bachelor’s degree (n.) ปริญญาตรี

master’s degree (n.) ปริญญาโท

left school ออกจากโรงเรียน

receive/earn/accept (v.) รับ

couple (n.) คู่สามีภรรยา

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