Biggs Story EP.422: “ยอร์ก” เมืองที่มีผีสิงมากที่สุดในอังกฤษ


“York is UK’s most haunted city”

One city in the North of England has been named ‘the most haunted city in Europe’ by the Ghost Research Society.

York is a city which was first named Eboracum by the Romans in 71 AD.

Over nearly 2,000 years it has numerous stories of hauntings, including claims that perhaps not all the Romans left in 400 AD.

In the 1950s many people who visited Treasurer’s House claimed to have seen a Roman soldier, with one guest recalling that the ghost blocked her way when looking for wine in the cellar.

On another occasion, an engineer said he heard a trumpet blast and then saw a Roman coming through the wall.

These ghosts are some of the 500 hauntings within the city’s walls. 


ghost (n.) ผี

haunt (vt.) หลอกหลอน

haunted (adj.) ผีสิง

treasurer (n.) เหรัญญิก

cellar (n.) ห้องใต้ดิน

numerous (adj.) มากมาย

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