Biggs Story EP.377: รูปวาดผีสิง!


“Wanna buy a haunted painting?”

The new owner of a painting that claims to be cursed says he and his staff have been hit with bad luck since buying it.

The infamous “haunted” painting of a little girl went viral after it was pictured for sale in a thrift shop in East Sussex with the warning: ‘She’s back! Sold twice and returned twice! Are you brave enough?’

Its previous owner said she was chased by a ‘black figure’ after purchasing it for £25.  

She ended up selling it to James Kislingbury, managing director of The London Bridge Experience, for £1,680.

James says he and his staff have had bad luck ever since.

His business has flooded twice since the painting arrived. On the day he hung the portrait, their Wi-Fi went down and one of their TVs suffered an electrical fault.

‘One member of staff even said they kept hearing footsteps behind them, but when they turned around nothing was there,’ said James.

When he took the painting home, two of his kitchen appliances ‘blew up’ and his father-in-law was taken ill the same day.

Despite all this, James says he has no plans to sell the painting, and hopes the bad luck will just go away.



painting (n.) ภาพวาด

portrait (n.) การวาดภาพคน

haunted (adj.) ซึ่งสิงอยู่

cursed (adj.) ถูกสาป

bad luck โชคร้าย

figure (n.) รูปร่าง

thrift shop (n.) ร้านขายของมือสอง

flood (n.) น้ำท่วม

infamous (adj.) ชื่อเสียงเชิงลบ


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