Biggs Story EP.385: ระเบิดบนกำแพงบ้าน!

“Man finds grenade in home wall” A workman renovating a bathroom came across something unexpected — a hand grenade. Vadim Kharkhavyy was taking out a bathtub when he saw the grenade in the wall in the home in Seattle, Washington.  “My first thought was to get out of there,” Kharkhavyy said. Police were called to […]

Biggs Story EP.384: เทียนกลิ่น “มูลฮิปโป”

“Special poop candle for Valentine’s” A California man who has been traveling frequently since the 1990s earned a Guinness World Record with his collection of 1,136 hotel keycards. Morten Soerensen said his collection began when he started traveling for business in the ’90s and discovered most hotels allowed him to keep his keycards as souvenirs. […]