Biggs Story EP.385: ระเบิดบนกำแพงบ้าน!


“Man finds grenade in home wall”

A workman renovating a bathroom came across something unexpected — a hand grenade.

Vadim Kharkhavyy was taking out a bathtub when he saw the grenade in the wall in the home in Seattle, Washington. 

“My first thought was to get out of there,” Kharkhavyy said.

Police were called to the scene, and it was determined that the device was not a live grenade.

The very old grenade was hidden in a secret compartment in the wall. 

Police said World War 2 veterans often brought weapons home with them after the war — and someone may have “stored it there and possibly forgot about it.”


grenade (n.) ระเบิดมือ

renovate (v.) ปรับปรุงใหม่

bathroom (n.) ห้องน้ำ

bathtub (n.) อ่างอาบน้ำ

live (adj.) มีชีวิต, ยังใช้งานได้

compartment (n.) ช่องว่าง

weapon (n.) อาวุธ

store (v.) เก็บรักษา

device (n.) อุปกรณ์

veteran (n.) ทหารผ่านศึก

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